Gary's books

The Sopranos (2013)

The sopranos cover
The Sopranos, more than any American television in memory, looks, feels and sounds like real life . . . it just may be the greatest work of American popular culture of the last quarter century. — TV Critic Stephen Holden in the New York Times (1999)

Westerns: The Essential Journal of Popular Film and Television Collection (2012)

This book draws upon the Journal of Popular Film and Television's rich and longstanding legacy of scholarship on the Western to examine and analyze the evolution and significance of this screen genre from its earliest beginnings to its current global reach and relevance in the 21st century. Westerns: The Essential Collection addresses the rise, fall and durability of this story form, and explores its preoccupation with multicultural matters with an organizational structure that is divided into six sections covering Silent Westerns, Classic Westerns, Race and Westerns, Gender and Westerns, Revisionist Westerns and Westerns in Global Context.

Ken Burns's America (2001)

Ken Burns America Book Cover
Ken Burns’s America is the first book-length study to comprehensively examine this innovative filmmaker as a television auteur, a pivotal programming influence within the industry, and a popular historian who portrays a uniquely singular and compelling version of the country’s past.

Television Histories (2001)

This book maps out the enormous repository that is “television as historian” into manageable and analytically useful categories, such as prime-time entertainment programming, the historical documentary, and TV news and public affairs; and seeks to establish quality criteria and levels of merit for television as “popular history,” rather than judging it by the very different yardstick of professional history, or just dismissing the entire phenomenon as hopelessly flawed and ahistorical.